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How do I unzip my downloaded song files? (Downloads)


You need to UNZIP each downloaded song file archive before using the mp3 songs within it


The following info is for Windows XP
*Additional info is shown further below for Vista*
(Mac OSX, double click to extract in same location the zip file is saved)

Before playing any of the media files, they must be extracted from the ZIP file. 7-ZIP is a free un-zip application that can be downloaded from here. If you are unsure about your processor specifications, download the 32-bit EXE file.

When prompted for the file download, chooseSave.

Save the file to an easily accessable location such as My Documents by clicking the icon on the left. Once My Documentsis selected, click Save.

Once the file download has completed, click Run to launch the setup application.

Depending on your browser security settings, you may be prompted with a security warning. Simply click Run.

Once the setup application has launched, click Install to install the application to the default folder.

After the installation has completed, click Finish.
Located the ZIP file, right-click, and select Extract Herefrom the 7-Zip sub-menu.
Depending of the file size, you will be prompted with a progress dialog.
After the file(s) have been extracted from the ZIP files, you may safely delete your downloaded ZIP file. Right-click on the ZIP file and choose Delete. Make sure you do not delete the extracted MP3 file(s).
Confirm your file deletion.
In order to unzip a file in Vista, you simply have to double click on it. The archive will open just as an ordinary folder and you will be able to perform all the usual tasks associated with managing files in Explorer. You can open, copy, cut, paste, move, drag, drop, rename etc. All within the archive. In order to extract all the contents so that you can burn your mp3 files contained within in iTunes, you can simply copy and paste the compressed items in another location or hit the "Extract all" button underneath the Address Bar and select a destination.

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